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RECOTECH Evolves: A Climate Tech Startup’s Renewed Commitment to Circular Economy through Rebranding.


Established in May 2007, RECOTECH has been actively involved in waste management-related consulting services. The company name, “RECOTECH” itself is a fusion of Resource, Ecology, and Technology, underscoring its commitment to sustainability, particularly in waste management as a distinctive focal point. The integration of waste management and recycling solutions, cutting-edge technology, and an environmentally-friendly “green” brand identity has been pivotal to shaping the company’s identity.
At the end of 2020, after securing external funding and transitioning from a sole proprietor business into a startup, RECOTECH seamlessly continued operations without altering its Corporate Identity (CI). However, as sustainability became foundational and the shift to a circular economy accelerated, a misalignment emerged between RECOTECH’s business activities and its established brand image.



In light of sustainability evolving into a foundational principle, relying solely on the “green” image proved inadequate in encapsulating RECOTECH’s comprehensive ethos. The rebranding process seeks to refine and evolve our communication strategy, aligning RECOTECH’s overarching philosophy with its current endeavors.



As a data-driven climate tech startup, RECOTECH embraces evolution, defining its core essence with the introduction of new corporate and service logos, mission, and vision statements, poised to propel the company into its next stage.



For many startups, the initial emphasis centers on business development, with branding taking a backseat. RECOTECH was no exception. Since its establishment in late 2020, the unwavering focus for the team has been on propelling the business toward achieving Product-Market Fit (PMF).


Approaching its two-year mark in the startup phase and armed with a clearer understanding of Solution Product Fit (SPF), RECOTECH embarked on a comprehensive rebranding project. This strategic move was driven by a growing awareness of the disparity in how RECOTECH was perceived externally and the innovative solutions it offers currently .
Taking the lead in spearheading the rebranding initiative, RECOTECH collaborated with Ultra Super New (USN), an independent creative agency based in Harajuku renowned for its unique talents and a digital-driven approach. The agency’s global expressive capabilities seamlessly align with RECOTECH’s aspirations, including global expansion, making them an ideal collaborator for this transformative endeavor.



① Updating Corporate Identity

As a data-driven climate tech startup, RECOTECH underwent a rebranding initiative with a refreshed logo that conveys a minimalist and digital-first impression. The logo features the distinctive Founders Grotesk font, chosen for its unique characteristics.
Founders Grotesk
_Clean, simple, geometric, contemporary
_Great for screens and interfaces
_Minimalist principal – straightforward, unadorned design


② Updating Brand & Service Identity

pool is a versatile data platform designed to facilitate the circulation of diverse resources. The logo, designed with the golden ratio, embodies a harmonious connection with nature. It prominently features the ♾️ symbol, representing the collaboration among multiple stakeholders and evoking the imagery of a circular supply chain.


③ Formulating MVV (Mission / Vision / Values)

Question – What’s our purpose?

The pressing challenge of climate change demands attention today, yet too often, we defer its resolution to future generations. We’re committed to reshape the current societal norms, take responsibility for today’s problems, and build a sustainable legacy.


Question – What goals and aspirations drive us?

We have updated our vision from “Creating a World without Waste” to “Building a *Nature-Positive Economy”. In today’s sustainability landscape, achieving a zero-impact is the standard quo. With zero-waste through a circular economy, what does RECOTECH truly aspire to achieve? Our objective is articulated by the term “nature-positive”, emphasizing our dedication to shape a world where economic activities coexist with nature’s restoration.
*”Nature-positive” denotes an approach that actively enhances and restores natural ecosystems, aiming to generate a positive impact on biodiversity and environmental health. It goes beyond minimizing harm to nature, emphasizing the harmonious coexistence between human’s economic activities and the natural world.


Question – What principles guide us?

At the heart of our ethos are three guiding principles, our core values:
Get to the Root.
In considering resource circulation, we believe that taking a holistic approach, rather than focusing on isolated optimizations, is essential. At RECOTECH, we constantly ask ourselves, is this getting to the root of the issue? We value identifying and solving the underlying causes of problems, rather than treating just the symptoms. It’s our commitment to endure solutions that sets us apart.
Start Small, Act Now.
No matter how brilliant our strategies and plans may be, nothing moves forward until we put them into action. It’s through action that we encounter real challenges and discover new solutions. We believe in the importance of initiating change and taking action, regardless of scale. It’s about taking those first steps that pave the way for meaningful and lasting impact.
Be Disruptive.
Embrace the unforeseen, challenging the status quo – this is where we thrive. Understanding existing frameworks is just the beginning. We step outside boundaries, knowing that true innovation lines in the courage to be disruptive.


④ Refreshing the Corporate Website

We’ve given our corporate site a makeover, transitioning from the traditional natural and green-themed vibe to a sleek dark mode design. With ELECTRONIC GREEN as the accent color, this aesthetic better aligns with our identity as a data-driven climate tech startup and ensures a globally appealing experience.


⑤ Closing Words

As our understanding of challenges deepens, so does our awareness of the complexity and intricacy of the problems. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic that with the right partners, a path toward resolution can be found.This rebranding marks a new chapter for RECOTECH.
We are driven by the ambition to play an impactful role in shaping the infrastructure that propels Circular Economy forward, leaving a lasting impact for the generations to come.
This decade stands as a pivotal moment. If you share our passion, mission and vision, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, we aim to not just confront challenges but to innovate and inspire lasting change.



Executive Producer : Hiroki Omura
Creative Production : UltraSuperNew
Producer : Alexander Watanabe
Account Manager : Asumi Yamayoshi
Account Manager : Hikaru Yano
Art Direction & 3D Motion Design : Rodrigo Marinheiro
Graphic Design : Belle Sim
UI/UX Design : Yerai Zamorano
Copywriter : (JP) Hiroki Omura / (EN) Nana Ito

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