PCR Plastics
pool resin

Our high-quality PCR plastics, tracked and managed within our pool system, results in 77% decrease in CO2 emissions during manufacturing processes.



PCR Plastics
Ready for Use.

Point 01 - Quality

Responsibly Sourced and High Quality

Our primary source of materials is plastic apparel hanger covers and protective packaging. We use low-contaminant PE/PP materials, and with pool's unique quality grade management, we ensure high-quality control, addressing one of the most significant challenges in procuring PCR plastics.

Point 02 - Low Carbon Footprint

Significantly Cut CO2 Emissions

High-precision sorting eliminates energy-intensive processes like mechanical separation, washing, and drying. This results in a maximum 77%* reduction in CO2 emissions compared to virgin materials. *Please kindly note that this value is a reference, and the calculated results may vary based on the product's manufacturing method and configuration.

*CO2 emission values for recycled resins, Bio-PE, and LDPE are based on publicly available literature.

*The scope for Bio-PE and LDPE encompasses the incineration of waste plastics (1.93 kg-CO2/kg)."

Point 03 - Cost

Budget-friendly Solution

pool monitors available resources by area, enabling the strategic organization of logistics with a focus on reverse logistics schemes. This results in a significant reduction in the challenges associated with the costs of collecting PCR materials.

Point 04 - Traceability

Ensure Transparency

pool tracks the chain of custody and visualizes the origin of raw materials, confirming that recycled materials are waste-derived and affirming the absence of environmental and human rights concerns in the procurement process.


PCR Plastic on the Rise

pool resin used to create waste bags for the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL.

The RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL, an all-night outdoor rock fest hailing from Hokkaido, has been a source of joy for rock and music lovers for over two decades. To enhance the event's eco-friendly initiatives, we've introduced campaign bags made with pool resin and rice resin, a rice-based biomass plastic, into the waste bags. This collaborative effort involved Toppan Printing as our manufacturing partner.

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