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pool is a waste management system that makes it easy to track 'who,' 'where,' 'what,' and 'how much' waste is being discharged. It accommodates locations ranging from large-scale facilities requiring tenant management to small, individually operated stores, all while offering a cost-effective initial setup.



Resource Circulation Begins with Visualizing Waste

Point 01 - Registration

Simple and Swift Registration

Customize the required items for each account and easily visualize waste with a simple screen layout. All you need is a smartphone or tablet. Optional integration with equipment like scales and label printers are also available. It can handle detailed requirements need in large commercial facilities, restaurants, office buildings, logistics warehouses, and more.

Point 02 - Dashboard

Instant Access to Data

You can easily check waste data anytime, anywhere. With the ability to export data and graphs, you won't spend time collecting data for environmental reports. By effectively utilizing data, the next actions for reducing environmental impact become clear.

Point 03 - Initial Cost

Wallet Friendly Cost Structure

Implementing pool is hassle-free—no need for new hardware. Access it effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet. Larger facilities, like commercial centers and office buildings, can take advantage of our integrated equipment like scales and label printers. The cost? Approximately 1/5th* compared to traditional setups. *Cost comparison when introducing industry-standard weight management system, label printer, and IC card reader.


Catered Towards Your Needs

Empower larger facilities with the full-scale experience.

Seamlessly integrating with external hardware, including scales, ID card readers, and label printers, we empower effortless waste management in sizable spaces like commercial centers, office buildings, and restaurants.

Small spaces, no problem.
Run it all from your smartphone.

pool is a hassle-free cloud service; just sign up, and you can dive in instantly using your tablet or smartphone—no additional app downloads required. Record waste data effortlessly by bag count, offering a seamless waste management solution without the need for hardware.


What is pool, and what are its features?

pool is a waste measurement management system that allows easy monitoring of 'who', 'where', 'what', and 'how much' waste is being generated. Key features include:

Waste Quantification Management: From a customized management interface for each account, users can manage waste data item by item using smartphones or tablets.

Per-Tenant Volume-Based Billing: By managing waste on a per-tenant basis, fair volume-based billing can be implemented.

Dashboard: Real-time waste data is displayed on a dashboard.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the selected implementation options. For specific pricing details, please inquire below.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation time varies based on your needs. For small-scale stores requiring only a pool account issuance, it can be completed in as little as one week. However, if hardware equipment like weighing devices or label printers is part of the setup, additional delivery time may apply. Please inquire below for more details.

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