Circularity Design Consulting

Provide resource circularity assessment, strategy development, and execution support for government, events, and businesses.


Drawing on 20 Years of Resource Circularity Expertise

Point 01 - Circularity Analysis

Understanding the Now to Plan for Future

By assessing the circularity of existing resources, we can formulate concrete strategies for tangible, measurable impact. Leveraging a framework developed by the WBCSD*, we visually represent inputs and outputs such as resource input, energy consumption, waste generation, CO2 emissions, and more. This approach facilitates the formulation and execution of precise strategies and action plans for resource circulation. *World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Point 02 - Sustainable Event Management

Circular Solutions for Events

We plan and manage eco-friendly initiatives for events like music festivals and sports events, focusing on creating efficient resource use and lowering CO2 emissions. With a track record including the environmental management of the ap bank fes, a music event with tens of thousands of attendees, we have developed methods for waste reduction through various data analyses. We implement sorting methods and coordinate recycling destinations to achieve the targeted recycling rate.

Point 03 - Advisory Services

Designing Circularity for Businesses and Organizations

We offer advice on designing resource circulation. In the past, we've worked as technical advisors for UNIDO ((United Nations Industrial Development Organization) in their project 'Promoting sustainable plastic value chains through circular economy practices in Nigeria.' We specialize in formulating strategies and building operational plans for resource circulation.

Point 04 - Recycling Equipment

Hardware Implementation

We execute support for the introduction of environmental equipment necessary for resource circulation. For instances, we provided assistance in the construction of a 160 tons per day capacity methane fermentation facility for organic waste in the Tohoku region. Our involvement included planning and building the operational business plan for the collection and recycling of food waste.

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