We Design Climate Solutions

We design circular supply chains that breathe new life into discarded 'waste', transforming them into valuable 'resources.' With nearly half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions tied to resource extraction, our commitment to combating climate change is centered on the efficient circulation of resources.


Today's Actions
Tomorrow's Legacy

The pressing challenge of climate change demands attention today, yet too often, we defer its resolution to future generations. We're committed to reshape the current societal norms, take responsibility for today's problems, and build a sustainable legacy.


Building a Nature-Positive Economy


Get to the Root.

At RECOTECH, we constantly ask ourselves, is this getting to the root of the issue? We value identifying and solving the underlying causes of problems, rather than treating just the symptoms. It's our commitment to endure solutions that sets us apart.

Start Small, Act Now.

Ideas or concepts are only powerful as the actions they inspire. "Start Small, Act Now" is not just a phrase; it's a guiding principle. We believe in the importance of initiating change and taking action, regardless of scale. It's about taking those first steps that pave the way for meaningful and lasting impact.

Be Disruptive.

Embrace the unforeseen, challenging the status quo - this is where we thrive. Understanding existing frameworks is just the beginning. We step outside boundaries, knowing that true innovation lines in the courage to be disruptive.


"We believe that addressing societal challenges requires the harmonious interplay of these three pillars: 'education,' 'regulation (law),' and 'technology (innovation).' Our journey begins by harnessing the power of technology to create new systems, laying the groundwork for positive change. Fueled by a shared mission and unyielding passion, I am eager to make a meaningful impact alongside my dedicated team."

Ei Nozaki


Meet Our

RECOTECH, founded by Ei Nozaki in May 2007, entered an exciting new chapter in December 2020, transitioning into a startup following securing external funding. Since then, our journey has been enriched by the addition of a diverse group of talented and passionate individuals.


Ei Nozaki



Chie Bannai

Managing Director, Product & Analytics


Hiroki C Omura

Managing Director, Marketing & Sales


Ryosuke Arai

Managing Director, Product & Operations


Nana Ito

External Relations Manager


Masayuki Yoshimuta

Software Engineer

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Whether you have questions about resource circulation consultations or any of our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help and happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.

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