Unlock Value from Waste

Join the race for recycled resources. Connect directly to the source with pool, securing a sustainable supply of recycling materials. *Service implementation underway.


Secure Circular Resources

Point 01 - Procurement

Procure Recycled Waste

Data registered from the resource (waste) is visualized on a map. You can easily grasp 'where,' 'what,' and 'how much waste' is being discharged.

Point 02 - Traceability

Follow the Chain of Custody

Establish traceability in resource procurement throughout the supply chain. Visualize CO2 emissions associated with procurement and gain instant access to Scope 3 Category 1 information.

Point 03 - Waste Forecasting

We Predict the Future

By leveraging the data accumulated in pool, we forecast the future volume of resource generation*. This enables us to create a clear outlook for the resource procurement portfolio. *Patented (Patent No. 6941378)


Visualize Resource Collection Stations

Know where to go.

By visualizing the location and type of resource collection stations in your neighborhood, we can raise awareness and encourage the wider community to recycle their waste.

Reduce your CO2 Emission Footprints.

Enhancing resource collection at stations reduces the disposal of general waste in municipal incineration facilities. This decrease in general waste incineration not only lowers CO2 emissions but also encourages the efficient utilization of neglected resources within the community.

Get in Touch

Whether you have questions about resource circulation consultations or any of our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help and happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.

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