Using the latest technology, we provide hard and soft solutions to
promote and realize resource circularity on a commercial scale.

The POOL System



Our society has created a system where it is most convenient and cost efficient to mass produce, mass consume, and incinerate and/or dump our waste into landfills. But, we all know this system is not sustainable.

We need to challenge ourselves to realize a new economy that connects waste streams to supply chains.

To circulate resources, it is essential to secure a stable supply, quality assurance and predictable procurement costs. However, it is extremely difficult to trace what, where and when waste is produced, which is what makes it hard for manufacturers to incorporate recycled resources.

To overcome these obstacles, RECOTECH has been developing a “Material Pool System” that visualizes waste data. Utilizing our experience in creating circular supply chains over the past several years we have further refined this to create our new system “POOL,” which not only visualises waste data, but also ensures traceability throughout the process from collection to recycling.


Visualizing Urban Resources

It is extremely difficult to know when, where, what kind and what volume of urban resources are currently being wasted. The POOL system visualizes this data, thereby enabling us to design efficient ways to circulate potential resources.

Visualizing Urban Resources

Optimizing Collection

With collection being the main cost driver in the recycling chain, optimising logistics is key for financial sustainability. By visualizing waste on a regional level, POOL optimizes efficiency and minimises the cost of collection.

Optimizing Recycling Factories

The POOL system also helps recyclers optimize operation of their factories by sharing information on the kind and volume of waste that is carried in each day.

Ensuring Traceability of Recycled Materials

By incorporating the participation of each stakeholder, the POOL system ensures traceability by connecting data throughout the recycling chain: waste generation, collection, compression, sorting, pelletizing, and logistics.

Providing "POOL Resin",
PCR Material with Quality,
Cost and Traceability Ensured.

Using our system, we confidently offer traceable PCR material, "POOL Resin."

By visualising waste information on a regional level, POOL shows us that there are abundant amounts of the same kind of waste, which can then be collected and recycled efficiently. POOL offers manufacturers stable procurement of PCR materials in terms of volume, quality and cost.


We support local governments and enterprises on their waste management
strategies and selecting/installing necessary machines.
We also help create new business models and establish operations overseas.