Ei Nozaki ーFounder & CEO

 Gained experience in waste issues in various industries (manufacturing, logistics, distribution etc.) as an executive sales manager at a Swedish waste treatment equipment company.

 After founding RECOTECH, I designed and implemented circular solutions focusing mainly on organic and plastic waste, not only with machinery but also getting the primary industry and other stakeholders throughout the value chain involved.

 I have gained expertise in the waste and circular industry for over 20 years, including overseas experience working closely with JICA in Southeast Asia.

 I used to compete in adventure races until my 40s, but RECOTECH is satisfying my needs for adventures fully. I don’t think I will be returning to any races.

 * Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Tamagawa University)
 * Researcher at Keio University SFC Research Institute

Tsuyoshi Tsurumi ーCFO

 Studying abroad as a teenager sparked my desire to work overseas, and after graduating from university, I decided to challenge myself in the global banking industry. I went on working in the corporate finance sector for 28 years including a total of 12 years in Southeast Asia and North America, where I acquired extensive expertise in commercial banking, structured finance and global team management.

 After returning from San Francisco, I joined RECOTECH as the CFO in 2022. I had known our founder Ei since childhood, and had respected his business mission and shared the same philosophy for a long time.

 I value time with my family the most, and love martial arts (karate), music (bass guitar), learning Spanish, and surfing. Also crazy for NFL Raiders and 49ers.

 * Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Economics (Waseda University)
 * Master of Business Administration (Questrom School of Business, Boston University)
 * Financial advisor of Yazaki Co.,Ltd.
 * Board member of the Japan Society of Northern California

Chie Bannai ーCircularity Designer

 When my dad showed me “An Inconvenient Truth” when I was in junior high, I was shocked and developed an interest in environmental issues, and the power of data. Majored in Environmental Science and Business during university, including a year abroad at the University of Edinburgh studying sustainable business and permaculture.

 My first career was at one of the top human resource company where I acquired the basics of data analysis. After meeting our CEO at a random farmers market one weekend, I was intrigued by his vision and vast knowledge in waste and recycling, and joined as the second employee in 2020.

 I live near the beach and I enjoy cycling, camping, hiking, but in reality I’m very much a couch potato.

 * Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Science (International Christian University)
 * Google Data Analytics Certificate

Hiroki Omura ーCircularity Designer

 I was blown away by the beauty of environmentally friendly urban design during my year abroad in Portland. Returning to Japan, I joined the marketing division of Nike Japan as one of the first new grads in 20 years and worked there for 5 years experiencing digital marketing, retail branding and community management.

 Capturing the big changes in the world, I saw RECOTECH as a huge opportunity and joined in 2021. Moved to the countryside (Kawaguchiko) from Tokyo at the same time.

 My hobbies include futsal, running, trail running, and hiking. My desire for material possessions seems to have disappeared since my daughter was born.

 * Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences (Waseda University)
 * Completed the Business program at Portland State University

Ryosuke Arai ーCircularity Designer

 While backpacking around the world, I witnessed serious waste issues and decided to make it my lifework to solve it. After working at a metal recycling company, I joined RECOTECH in 2017 and worked on scaling biomass plastic (using wasted rice) production and dissemination.

 I joined KPMG AZSA Sustainability as a consultant, where I worked on assuring environmental performance indicators, GHG calculations, Science Based Targets, CDP surveys, and TCFD strategies for companies in various industries (oil, gas, steel, paper, printing, beverages, tires, real estate, finance etc.). After 2 years of consulting experience, I rejoined RECOTECH in 2022.

 My hobby was traveling around the world, and now I'm in a new journey of parenting two kids and one big toad.

 * Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Economics (Meiji University)
 * JRCA-cirtified ISO 14001 EMS assistant auditor.
 * Assistant Sustainability Information Auditor
 * LCA Expert Certification

Nana Ito ーCircularity Designer

 I'm a proud Tokyo-native with strong ties to Seattle, having immersed in both cultures growing up. After completing my university studies in California, I embarked on an exciting journey to Jakarta, Indonesia, where I joined an NPO.

 Upon my return to Japan in 2011, I dove into the dynamic realms of retail, e-commerce, and the sports industry, honing my skills and igniting my passion for creating extraordinary customer experiences. It was within the fusion of art and science in the merchandising world that I discovered my true calling, leading me to spend 7+ exciting years with Nike.

 Outside of work, I find joy in basking on the beach, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, conquering hiking trails, and immersing myself in outdoor music festivals.

 In 2023, I made the decision to join RECOTECH, fueled by love for the outdoors and my growing interest in promoting scalable, sustainable business practices in Japan. I hope to approach life with an adventurous spirit, embracing the mantra 'less stuff, more life'

 *Bachelor's degree in International Business and Neuroscience from the University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles, USA.
 *Completed a sustainable business development curriculum at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Masayuki Yoshimuta ーSoftware Engineer

 With an interest in solving social issues using the latest technology, I studied engineering at university and created a simulating/prediction system for housing demand after massive disasters. After graduating, I worked at one of the largest IT companies in Japan as a software engineer while working at two startups on the side.

 Developing my interest especially in the environment and energy sector, I joined RECOTECH to take on new challenges.

 I enjoy camping, hiking and walking in general. I tend to be very good at activities that require body balance, but my body itself definitely needs maintenance these days.

 * Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Kyoto University)
 * Masters degree in Engineering / Architecture (Kyoto University)