Ei Nozaki ーFounder and CEO

The idea of “POOL” was born from Ei’s 20 years of experience in the Japanese waste management industry, selling equipment needed in the recycling chain.
With his expertise, Ei has been advising, designing and managing projects on recycling chains, especially methane fermentation of organic waste.
Through a JICA project dealing with municipal solid waste (MSW) in Indonesia, he acquired experience and expertise in both hard and soft solutions for sustainable waste management and recycling business models in Japan and South East Asia.

Chie Bannai ーCircularity Designer

Developing an interest in environmental issues from a young age, Chie's first-hand experience of the earthquake and nuclear disaster of 2011 in Fukushima compounded her determination to bring about positive change.
With a double major in environmental studies and business management with a focus on sustainable businesses, including studies at the University of Edinburgh, and experience in permaculture design, Chie's role at RECOTECH is to design, implement and manage projects converting waste into resources.
She also oversees RECOTECH’s curation media “ThinkWaste.”

Hiroki Omura ーCircularity Designer

Hiroki is a solutions-oriented creative with a background in marketing. After studying management and LOHAS in Portland, he joined Nike Japan, where he designed and managed their user engagement, journey and communication at every digital touchpoint.
While he enjoyed working on both digital and physical engagement via emails, social media, apps and directly in stores, his uncertainty about the whole mass production system led him to RECOTECH.
Bringing all his knowledge and expertise acquired at Nike, he oversees all brand communication and the development of “POOL”, and designs projects using the platform to its full potential.

Ryosuke Arai ーCircularity Designer

Witnessing serious waste issues occurring in developing countries around the world, Ryosuke decided to make resource circularity his lifework. After some experience in a metallic recycling company, he joined RECOTECH in 2017 promoting the use of bioplastics made from organic waste. He acquired expertise in environmental performance indicators while working at KPMG Japan from 2020 to 2021, offering sustainability report assurance services for companies in various industries (oil & gas, steel, printing, paper & pulp, beverage).
Leveraging his comprehensive knowledge of environmental issues and sustainability acquired at KPMG, he oversees business development of “POOL” from the perspective of Life Cycle Assessment of circularized materials.